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Marcin Zaborski

Marcin Zaborski

Hi, my name is Marcin.


I Work as a personal trainer and EMS trainer. I started my adventure with physical activity with basketball and street skateboarding. These two disciplines have been very close to me for a long time and are stiil play a very important role in my life. With age, I devoted more and more attention to healthy eating and improving my sports and figure predispositions – this is how I ended up in the gym.


For several years, strength training has become my daily routine. As my skills in that area developed I tried to share my knowledge with people around me. This led me to what I do today. In my work as a trainer, I devote a lot of attention to building the movement awareness of people who work with me. I am sure that properly conducted training can contribute to healthy and long-term progress in various areas of our live.


Apart from training, I like to rest in mountain areas and forests. Open, green areas allow me to maintain the right balance between training and inner peace.


Professional personal EMS training consists of 30 minutes of stimulation of 9 main muscle groups. The body receives over 140 times more muscle tension than during traditional training.


3 Maja 2
Entrance from Potockiego 4 Street
00-391 Warsaw

Jana III Sobieskiego 45
02-930 Warsaw

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Monday – Saturday:
10:00 – 20:00

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