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Maciej Mikulski

Maciej Mikulski

My name is Maciej. I conduct trainings in English in My-Fit Powiśle.


My first sport passion was American football, first as an active player, then helping young players take their first steps on the pitch. Unfortunately, an injury excluded me from further play. Physical fitness has always been a very important element in this sport for me. In this way, my passion for training was born, and then transferred to training others.


Currently, I have been involved in EMS electrostimulation training for over two and a half years. When it comes to classic training methods, I focus on kettlebell training and it is currently my main training tool.


In my spare time I like to work on my self-development, e.g. meditation.


Professional personal EMS training consists of 30 minutes of stimulation of 9 main muscle groups. The body receives over 140 times more muscle tension than during traditional training.


3 Maja 2
Entrance from Potockiego 4 Street
00-391 Warsaw

Jana III Sobieskiego 45
02-930 Warsaw

Work Hours

Monday – Saturday:
10:00 – 20:00

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