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Julia Walter

Julia Walter

Hi! I am Julka. I am a physiotherapist.

I graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw the University of Physical Education in Poznań. Two types of universities provided me with two models od approach to the physiotherapy and allowed me to have a broader view of the body and functioning of the organism. Today it is matter-of-fact in my reporting practice. Balance has a huge influence on me, so, apart from development in areas strictly related to activity, I am constantly expanding my knowledge in the field of psychology and I am studying the impact of our lifestyle on the healthy functioning of the body.

Physical activity is also a huge part of my private life in many kinds and shapes. But what I love most is acroyoga.

I love working with people and showing you new, and perhaps easier ways to feel better. I work with children, too. Come and practice with me!


Professional personal EMS training consists of 30 minutes of stimulation of 9 main muscle groups. The body receives over 140 times more muscle tension than during traditional training.


3 Maja 2
Entrance from Potockiego 4 Street
00-391 Warsaw

Jana III Sobieskiego 45
02-930 Warsaw

Work Hours

Monday – Saturday:
10:00 – 20:00

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